"We have been very  happy with the positive comments Jess has made. She knows when something is beneficial to her and when it is not. We are always amazed at her maturity in recognizing these items. For Karla and I your SAT program has been effortless as you have the children make their commitment to the program. That is the way we parent as well,  commit to something and give it 110%"- SAT Prep Parent Jim K.

“ I like the way the tutoring sessions are structured by subject and I like the analysis of the practice SAT they sent so I can see my strengths and weaknesses.”  SAT Prep Student- Jess K.

"Thank you so much Yara & Melissa....what an AWESOME IMPROVEMENT in her scores!! " I thank God for you both!! - Online SAT Prep Parent Wendy Ladd 

"Transitioning from 6th grade math to 7th grade was hard on my son. His confidence started depleting.
I knew at that point he needed help!  Yara Butler is a tutor in our community that helped with my younger son. I contacted her and she was glad to help. The best news was that my son could have his sessions online with a tutor live.  His active sports schedule allowed him an easy and flexible way to learn. The one -on-one sessions online were a blessing. He was responsible for making sure he had questions and his material ready. Yara did such a good job rebuilding his confidence and explaining problems so he could fully understand.  My son's response after 1 session was "She is such a good tutor." I would highly recommend Learning Solutions to any one who needs help. "

Faith Brigham

"Ms. Vilchez is a dedicated educator and does a fantastic job working with students of all ability levels. She, and her team, also do an amazing job helping students prepare for tests like SAT/ACT. Top notch, highly suggest giving Learning Solutions a call!" 

​ "I am writing to express our gratitude to Rachel  Joyner for the tutoring help for our daughter, Hannah.  She has gained so much confidence from the weekly sessions.  She has also commented to us that she wouldn’t be doing as well in her class without your help.  With Hannah being a Senior and in her last semester, we felt like she wouldn’t be engaged in her classes.  She has been highly motivated to finish out the year with good grades.  She likes the way you explain things to her and appreciates the time you take with her. Thank you for your excellent tutoring skills in helping Hannah to better understand and think through her Math class.  We highly recommend  Rachel Joyner for anyone looking for a tutor."

"Ms. Vilchez has been a great mentor of mine since June of 2012.  The summer tutoring helped me a lot and prepared me for the 7th grade math curriculum. This school year, I was struggling in math during the second grading period and I got pretty close to getting a 'C' on my report card for math.  I was frustrated because I was working hard but, I did not give up on myself because Ms. Vilchez told me I was bright and that I would pull up my grade. It was nice having someone believe in me when things were not going well. I receive a 'B' that grading period.  For the rest of the school year my math grade kept increasing little by little until I finally got an 'A' in the 4th six weeks. It was the best feeling I have had the whole school year. My hard work paid off thanks to Ms Vilchez." (from a student)

"Want to say that Mary Louise is just fabulous. Sophie has even moved up to an Algebra Honors class. So happy. Thank you!"

​"Tracy' McDanel's professionalism and timeliness is excellent.  My son felt relaxed and comfortable."

"Having Mrs. Joyner as a tutor was the reason I excelled in math this semester. She is the smartest and nicest person I have ever met. She explains the information to you in a way that is so simple to understand. She is very flexible and a great help to anyone who is struggling in math. I highly recommend her!" (from a student)

"Both of my children have said how much their respective tutors have helped them. We have used other tutors in the past but have never made such progress. My kids look forward to the tutors coming! They go above and beyond and they truly care about my kids." (from a parent)

"My daughter took Honors Algebra 2 at Cuthbertson High. The combination of a block schedule and the rigorous course load was a recipe for disaster and her grades were rapidly falling in the first grading period. Lucky for her, we were able to secure Rachel Joyner as a tutor who worked with her on a regular schedule. The personal one on one attention that Ms. Joyner was able to provide gave my child the ability and the confidence to master the course. As a result, my child ended up with the second highest final exam grade for her class. A complete turn around from where she started. Instead of feeling that she didn't have a " math brain", she walked away with the confidence she needed to continue her studies. Ms. Joyner was an absolute godsend, both my daughter and I would highly recommend her." (from a parent)

"An amazing teacher nurtures and guides her students and always expects the best.  She challenges them to push themselves and believes in them every step of the way.  That teacher is Ms. Vilchez.  She has been tutoring my son since June of 2012.  She is one of those teachers that instills confidence, responsibility, and initiative, while providing the skill practice and problem solving strategies children need to master today. My son's math skills and knowledge of math concepts have greatly improved.  He used to "hate" math and now I see him embracing it differently.  He has the confidence and understanding he needed to be successful.  Ms. Vilchez has been a valuable mentor, always providing a positive encouraging learning environment.  I am sure my son will look back one day on his education and say she made a difference.  As a mom, I already know that." (from a parent)

"Yara Vilchez is dedicated to her students and is highly professional and competent. She has made an amazing impact on my kids. She takes her work to heart and goes above and beyond that which is expected. It is rare to meet a teacher with such high standards. She is an amazing teacher."

"After my son, who is in 11th grade at Cuthbertson High School, completed his 3rd SAT, he was concerned.  He has always maintained A/B Honor Roll and had taken the Kaplan SAT prep course but, still wasn't prepared. The SAT apparently has a lot of Geometry and Algebra 1 and 2.  He hadn't had Geometry since 9th grade and had forgotten and not utilized the necessary steps and formulas in quite some time.  He was really concerned that the Geometry portion was giving him some trouble; he needed to get the math portion of the SAT up, and fast... What could I possibly do to help him with only 3 weeks left until the last SAT for his Junior year? Through word of mouth, I was pointed to Rachel Joyner. Initially hesitant when informed about the hourly rate, I contemplated but then decided to take a chance due to her consistently positive reputation in dealing with SAT preparation. After taking a leap of faith, I signed my son up for 4 sessions. He was feeling much more confident in his abilities. After completing the SAT, his math score increased by 80 points, which was more than what was required for the schools my son was applying to thus making his application more competitive. If it wasn't for Mrs. Joyner, my son and I would be in a panic. If you are feeling doubtful like I was originally, don't. She is worth every penny." (from a parent)

"My experience has been very positive. Rachel Joyner is very concerned and helpful with Dylan. She communicates with me when there are concerns or issues that I need to be aware of. I have used tutors in the past and Rachel is the best solution for my grandson. You can't go wrong if you have Rachel for tutoring help. Without her help Dylan would not have raised his math score by 10 points."

​"Yara Vilchez has been tutoring my son for 3 years now. She is extremely invested in his success. Yara has provided my son with a strong skill set and problem solving strategies that have given him the confidence he needed. Her tutoring sessions are in direct correlation to what the teacher is implementing in the classroom. During the summer, she challenges him and he is always ready for the next school year. His grades and EOG scores have improved and he is extremely focused. So if you are looking for someone who cares, who listens, who strives to ensure your child will succeed in math, look no further." Christine Balaniz

"Ms. Vilchez has been tutoring my daughter in math for close to a year. She is patient and warm while still holding my daughter accountable for keeping up with her studies. My daughter is at ease and comfortable asking questions when they work together and genuinely looks forward to her sessions."

"​Rachel Joyner has been a blessing to my son and my family. My son has more confidence and gets excited when he gets his math grades now." (from a parent)

​"Miss Vilchez has a high desire to help children recognize and maximize their best learning style and she makes children feel confident in what they are learning. My child went from getting a 3 to almost a 5 which is the highest score you can receive on the end of year math exam. She is truly an asset to your company and to any child who receives her services. I would highly recommend her as a math tutor if your child is struggling, wants to be challenged more or just wants to master a certain math concept."

​"Mrs. Joyner helped me out so much! My grade went from an F to an A!" (from a student)

"Overall my experience with LSC has been positive and great. For myself, it was most beneficial at the end of the school year as a review and prep for the EOG/EOC."

A parent reported that her daughter got a 90 on the geometry test and that the tutoring helped her a lot. She said those formulas you gave her were great and you helped her to not be confused!

"Ashley Hinson shows a great amount of patience with my son.  She great ways of differentiating instruction to help meet my son's needs!  I highly recommend her!"