Private SAT Prep

 2018 SAT Test Dates:  March 10th, May 5th and June 2nd

Is your child ready for the test? 

LSC provides Expert SAT Coaching!  Our team will help your child to achieve his/her best SAT scores!  
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Our individualized specific approach and one-on-one tutoring sessions offered privately online or in home tutoring will help your child succeed on the SAT! Private SAT sessions are taught by one or more of our highly qualified SAT Coaches.  The private sessions are catered to help your child strengthen specific areas on the SAT.  Concepts, strategies, and skills are given reviewing all areas tested on the SAT.  Our affordable and effective preparation program will give your child the confidence and the right skills necessary to maximize his/her potential on the day of the big test! 

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Private SAT Sessions Cover:

  • Concepts/lessons, strategies, skills, & notes are given reviewing all areas tested on the SAT test: English & Math. 
  • Test taking skills are taught in order to help your child recognize how the test is designed, understand what the questions are asking, how to set up the questions to answer them correctly, and how to approach the test with confidence.
  • English Topics: Writing and Language, Reading and Essay(optional)
  • Math : Heart of Algebra, Problem Solving & Data Analysis, Passport to Advanced Math, and Additional Topics.

How to get started with LSC Private SAT Prep: 
1st- LSC requires and offers an official College Board SAT Practice test to be taken. 
The SAT Practice test gives valuable information through our grading and evaluation process so that each LSC SAT Coach understands exactly what topics your child needs to strengthen.  Then the test is graded by the LSC SAT Coaches, and an Individualized Evaluation & Score report is written based on your child's performance.  The Individualized Evaluation & score report is sent to you via email within a week.  An LSC SAT Coach will call you to review the report with you and go over the recommended sessions needed to strengthen your child's scores.

The SAT practice test is given by Rachel Joyner, LSC -SAT Coach, in her home located in Wesley Chapel, NC or the test can be offered in the convenience of your own home(please call for details and scheduling).

The test takes 3.25 hours for both sections(Math & English), 4 hours for the entire test & Essay , or 1.5 hours for one section( Math or English).

Cost for the Individualized Evaluation & Score Report= $100.00 both sections(Math & English); $85.00 for the test taken in your home; $85 for one section(Math or English).

2nd- If your child has taken the PSAT/SAT or ACT please provide those scores as well via email for the LSC SAT Coaches to review.  

3rd- Once your have received the Individualized Evaluation and session recommendation our LSC- SAT Math & English Coaches will contact you to review the report and answer any questions you may have.  The sessions can be set up with each SAT Coach for private in-home or online tutoring.
Cost: $85.00 per hour session + $18.00 for the College Board’s Official SAT Study guide book (this is needed for the sessions to complete additional practice test & homework). 

Payment will be received at the end of each session and can be paid with cash, check or credit/debit card through the company Square account.

4th- SAT practice and daily homework is so important in order for your child's score to improve!  All students are asked to sign a homework contract at the first meeting which indicates that the homework will be completed before each session.   

Give It to Me Straight Doc, How Many Hours Do I Actually Have to Study?
Based on your goals, you can figure out how many hours you will probably need to study. Follow this handy dandy guide that shows the number of hours you should devote to poring over ancient tomes of SAT knowledge. 
0-30 Point Improvement: 10 hours    
30-70 Point Improvement: 20 hours    
70-130 Point Improvement: 40 hours   
130-200 Point Improvement: 80 hours    
200-330 Point Improvement: 150 hours+ 
This is a rough estimate, so it obviously isn't perfect. We only have data for the current/old version of the test. Also, each student has different levels of development in terms of study habits and test strategies. We'll go into more detail later about factors that might lead to score variations given the same amount of study time.

How-long-should-i-study-for-the-sat?? Step Four: Give it to me Straight Doc, How many hours do I actually have to study?

5th- Now that the sessions are completed we encourage your child to take a SAT Practice Post-test which will evaluate improvement and growth!  Another Individualized Evaluation & Score Report will be sent to you within a week.  This plan will help identify any weaknesses and give your student clear direction on how to further study & prepare for the test.

Cost for the Individualized Evaluation & Score Report= $100.00 both sections(Math & English); $85.00 for one section(Math or English)

If your child needs additional help on Math or English, extra sessions can be scheduled at the rate of $75/session.
We also offer help with writing help with writing College Application essays or College Planning.

**Please contact Yara Butler to register at 704-408-2352 or email:

Our SAT Prep Coaches are Yara Butler, Rachel Joyner, Melissa Filanowicz, and Michelle Smith.

Yara Butler has taught math for 13 years in Union County area.  She has a Math Education Degree from UNC- Charlotte. Rachel has a Masters Degree from the College of William & Mary, and has tutored High School math and chemistry for more than 8 years . Melissa Filanowicz has a B.A. in English with a certification to teach English/Language Arts in grades 6-12 and brings over 8 years of teaching experience.  Michelle Smith has been teaching & tutoring students in math and SAT Prep for more than 10 years. She received her Bachelor of Science in math from Wingate College.​​