Online Tutoring

Tutoring rates:

  • Math /English: $45 for 45 min, $55 for 60 min
  • SAT prep: $90.00 per hour
  • Help Planning & Writing College Admissions/Essay: $90.00 per hour
Online tutoring is an amazing way for your child to have a live, 1-to-1 tutoring session at any time. The Zoom program provides an interactive environment for tutoring privately in your home. A parent does not have to be present during the session.  Sessions are offered once a week or additional sessions can be scheduled with the LSC tutor if needed. In a world filled with busy lives and hectic schedules this allows your child the time needed to learn the material with more flexibility!  
Read more about how it works below..

LSC offers online tutoring in the following subjects for students in grade 7th thru 12th. Please contact LSC for more information and to see if online tutoring is right for your child!

  • Middle & High School Math
  • Middle & High School English
  • SAT Prep
  • Planning & Writing College Admissions 
  • Essay 

How the Online Tutoring works:
One of the expert LSC tutors work with your child Live, 1-to-1 through using the interactive screen for effective teaching.

  1. ​The LSC tutor will send an email at the appointed time the session is established to take place.  The email will invite him/her to join the session with the tutor on 
  2. Open the email and clicks on the link provided.  It will open directly to the shared screen online where the tutor and your child can start their session!  
  3. The LSC tutor and your child will appear on the computer screen live for the entire session.  This allows your child and the tutor to talk with each other through the lesson and/or ask questions. A "shared screen" allows a whiteboard to appear on the computer that is used for writing out any content or working on practice problems during the session.  Or the "shared screen" can allow the tutor to pull up the teacher's webpage and homework so that the material is present during the session.  The shared screen in this program also allows the tutor and your child the ability to  write on the screen with their mouse, stylus, or finger if on an IPad. The interaction provides an effective and interactive environment for tutoring privately in your home.  

What your child will need:

  • Computer with a camera- Laptop, PC, or IPad.​
  • A phone- in case the audio does not work.
  • A personal email account or the use of a parents email account.
  • All materials that needs to be covered or used during the session.
    Including:   worksheets, notes, book or workbook, & calculator.
  • Head set to cut out extra background noise(optional).