Tutoring rates:  $45 for 45 min, $55 for 60 min

Different EOG/EOC Prep options are available.
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EOG/EOC review offered in following subject areas:

  • ​Middle School Math & Language Arts
  • High school Math 1, 2, 3, Pre-Calculus, & AP Calculus
  • English 1,2, & 3

What is the EOG/EOC?

  • End of grade test (EOG):                

  • North Carolina requires all students grades 3-8 to participate in end-of-grade testing. The end-of-grade is given at the end of grade level starting in 3rd grade.  It measures reading and mathematic proficiencies, and also Science is incorporated in the end-of-grade testing in grades 5-8.

End of course test (EOC):

  • End of course testing is administrated to all high school students. LSC offers preparation for the following subjects: Math I, II, III, Pre-calculus, & AP Calculus, English I, II, and III. 

Test-taking can be a nerve-racking experience for students of any age. A student can feel that the weight of the world or at least their ability to progress to another grade level rests on this one test. This pressure can lead to anxiety and poor test performance. Our goal at Learning Solutions Center is to equip your child with the study tools they need to confidently face the EOG or EOC with boldness and surety.

We believe that given the necessary study tactics combined with plenty of hard work and studying, your child has the potential to excel. Not only do our tactics prepare students for this test, they also equip them for their academic future and the many tests they will face on the road ahead.

What we offer:
Our EOG and EOC Preparation is taught on a one-on-one basis aligned to the Common Core Curriculum.  This time will be dedicated to helping your child learn test-taking strategies, working on EOG/EOC practice test questions, which review concepts from the entire year.  Also, most importantly, it will build your child’s confidence making them feel fully prepared and relaxed for the test!